Livery Design



The concept chosen for the new livery is a modern take on classic Scandinavian design; simplicity, sophistication, but also confidence and pride. We have updated the base color of the fuselage to a cooler shade of gray and used a new coating material requiring fewer layers of paint, reducing the weight of the aircraft, translating to lower CO2 emissions and reduced climate impact. With the introduction of a new, modern fleet including the world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft, the Airbus A350, SAS is ready for a new era.

Image courtesy of Bold Scandinavia.

SAS is a blue brand, and their signature color will now be even more prominent; on the tail fins, winglets and on the crowns of the updated silver engines. The logotype is confidently displayed at the front of the on the fuselage in silver. A proud beacon to the world.

Image courtesy of Bold Scandinavia.